UIS Informatics Commission

Survey and Mapping Working Group

Chairman: Philipp HÄUSELMANN, Switzerland.


The Survey and Mapping Working Group of the Informatics Commission tackles the various issues related to cave/karst survey and mapping. Where a significant amount of work is needed on a particular task, a sub-group is created to help focus on that work. Anyone who wants to participate in the work of a sub-group, and countries who want to appoint a Country Delegate to the Group or one of its sub-groups for final voting, are invited to contact the respective Chairman (click on Chairman's name for contact details). UIS voting is on the basis of one vote per interested country. The sub- Working Groups to date are:

The issues currently being tackled by the working group are Mapping Symbols for Artificial Cavities and T-LiDAR Cave Scanning.

We have now had an offer to translate our mapping symbols into Spanish also.

Please be sure to publicise and encourage the use of the UIS Survey and Mapping international recommendations in your country!

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Mapping Symbols for Artificial Cavities

Chairman: Philipp HÄUSELMANN, Switzerland


A request was received to set recommended symbols for use with the mapping of artificial caves as a complement to the existing symbol set, so at the Brno meeting in July 2013 it was decided that this would be the next task of the Working Group, in collaboration with the UIS Commission on Artificial Cavities.

At the International Congress of Speleology in Artificial Cavities, HYPOGEA, in March 2015 in Rome (Italy), different symbol sets were proposed and first discussions held. The next task will be a compilation of possible symbols on artificial cavities that could be part of an international symbol set, and discussion of these symbols within both commissions. This task is expected during 2016.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact the Chairman as soon as possible.

Country Delegates:

Argentina Redonte, Gabriel gredonte@gmail.com  
Australia Warild, Al. alw@exemail.com.au  
Austria Plan, Lukas lukas.plan@NHM-WIEN.AC.AT 
Brazil Kok, Geribello F. fabio@geribello.com.br  
Croatia Bocic, Neven nbocic@geog.pmf.hr  
France Ournie, Bernard b.ournie@free.fr  
Germany Wolf, Andreas chono@compuserve.com  
Hungary Moga, Janos jmoga@freemail.hu  
Italy Pani, Daniela daniela.pani@gmail.com  
Japan Ishikawa, Norihikosnow63@jcom.home.ne.jp  
Lebanon Ghada, Salem ghada-salem@live.com  
Mexico Montano, Juan Ant.espeleo99@yahoo.com  
NetherlandsBurgers, Yoxz yoxz@hccnet.nl  
Russia Lavrov, Igor karst@permonline.ru  
Serbia Calic, Jelena j.calic@sezampro.rs  
Sweden Agrell, Erik erik@agrell.info  
SwitzerlandHäuselmann, Philipp praezis@speleo.ch  
Turkey Guner, Noyan n.guner@mta.gov.tr, noyan_guner@yahoo.com  
UK Atkinson, Andy andrew@wotcc.org.uk  
USA Kambesis, Pat pat.kambesis@wku.edu  
Venezuela Carreño, Rafael rafaelcarreno2004@yahoo.es  

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Survey & Mapping Grades

Chairman: Philipp HÄUSELMANN, Switzerland


The Working Group has been discussing survey and mapping grades. Originally introduced by BCRA (UK), they were later adopted by other organizations. The grades assess the precision and accuracy of a given survey, and discuss the methods and materials used. Although these grades are widely known, the UIS has never previously discussed and adopted a grading system. The main debate was held at the 2009 ICS in Kerrville, USA, where it was decided to use the Australian grades as a starting point for discussion, and then further discussion continued via our Grades Forum. Final voting was completed by the delegates from interested countries in August 2010.

Download the official version of the UIS Survey and Mapping Grades here. (Revised 2012-09-14 with minor cosmetic updates.)

Country Delegates:

Argentina Redonte, Gabriel gredonte@gmail.com Yes
Australia Warild, Al. alw@exemail.com.au Abstain
Austria Plan, Lukas lukas.plan@NHM-WIEN.AC.ATYes
Brazil Kok, Geribello F. fabio@geribello.com.br Yes
Croatia Bocic, Neven nbocic@geog.pmf.hr Yes
France Ournie, Bernard b.ournie@free.fr Yes (*no answer)
Germany Müller, Ralphralphfmueller@aol.com Yes (no answer)
Hungary Moga, Janos jmoga@freemail.hu Yes
Italy Pani, Daniela daniela.pani@gmail.com Yes
Japan Ishikawa, Norihikosnow63@jcom.home.ne.jp Yes
Lebanon Ghada, Salem ghada-salem@live.com Yes
Mexico Montano, Juan Ant.espeleo99@yahoo.com Yes
NetherlandsBurgers, Yoxz yoxz@hccnet.nl Yes (no answer)
Romania Tudor, Tamas tudor.tamas@ubbcluj.ro Yes
Russia Lavrov, Igor karst@permonline.ru Yes (no answer)
Serbia Calic, Jelena j.calic@sezampro.rs Yes
Sweden Agrell, Erik agrell@chalmers.se Yes
SwitzerlandHäuselmann, Philipppraezis@speleo.ch Yes
Turkey Guner, Noyan n.guner@mta.gov.tr and
Yes (no answer)
UK Atkinson, Andy andrew@wotcc.org.uk Yes (no answer)
USA Kambesis, Pat pat.kambesis@wku.edu Yes
Venezuela Carreño, Rafaelrafaelcarreno2004@yahoo.es Yes (no answer)


Australia Grimes, Ken ken.grimes@bigpond.com
Brazil Hardt, Rubens rubens_hardt@yahoo.com.br
Croatia Baksic, Darko baksic@gmail.com

* Before the vote it was stated that absence of a vote would be taken as a "Yes".

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Karst Surface Map Symbols

In collaboration with IGU and IAH

Chairman: Philipp HÄUSELMANN, Switzerland

The Karst Surface Map Symbols Working Group developed the symbols list over several years, also in consultation with the Karst Commissions of the International Geographical Union (IGU) and the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH). Final voting by the Working Group Country Delegates was in May 2006.

You can find the Karst surface symbols at: https://sghbern.ch/newsghbern/karst-surface-symbols
They are also published in Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie, Supplementbände, Band 147.
See: http://www.borntraeger-cramer.de/pubs/isbn/bo/zeitschrfg-344321147X-desc.html

A downloadable set of karst placemarkers for use in Google Earth, based on these UIS Surface Symbols, has been developed by Manuel Freire.

The UIS Working Group country delegates voting were:

Argentina Redonte, Gabriel Yes
Australia Grimes, Ken Abstained
Austria Plan, Lukas Yes
Brazil Hardt, Rubens Yes
Croatia Faivre, Sanja (no answer)
France Ournie, Bernard Yes
Germany Mueller, Ralph Yes
Hungary Moga, Janos (no answer)
Japan Norihiko, Ishikawa Yes
Lebanon Ghada, Salem Yes
Mexico Montano, Juan Ant. Yes
Russia Lavrov, Igor Yes
Serbia Calic, Jelena Yes
Sweden Agrell, Erik Yes
Switzerland Häuselmann, PhilippYes
Turkey Guner, Noyan Yes
UK Atkinson, Andy Abstained
USA Kambesis, Pat Yes
Venezuela Carreño, Rafael Yes

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Basic Cave Mapping Symbols

Chairman: Philipp HÄUSELMANN, Switzerland


The Survey and Mapping Working Group completed its work on Basic Cave Mapping Symbols in May 1999. The now standard symbols arose from extended discussions by many people, then final voting by the Working Group Country Delegates.

The agreed set of Basic Cave Mapping Symbols can be found at: http://www.carto.net/cgi-neumann/cave_symbol.pl

The country delegates were:

Argentina Redonte, Gabriel Yes
Australia Grimes, Ken Yes (abstained*)
Austria Neumann, Andreas Yes
Brazil Hardt, Rubens Yes
France Aulas, Jean-Pierre Yes
Germany Müller, Ralph Yes
Russia Lavrov, Igor Yes
Switzerland Häuselmann, PhilippYes
UK Atkinson, Andy Yes
USA Petrie, Garry Yes
Venezuela Carreño, Rafael Yes (abstained*)

* Before the vote it was stated that absence of a vote would be taken as a "Yes".

Between July 2007 and May 2008 the list was in revision. It was not a major revision as the setup of the standards took place only in 1999. However the Working Group decided to leave them unchanged.

The delegates were:

Argentina Redonte, Gabriel
Australia Grimes, Ken
Austria Plan, Lukas
Brazil Hardt, Rubens
Croatia Bocic, Neven
France Ournie, Bernard
Germany Müller, Ralph
Hungary Moga, Janos
Japan Ishikawa, Norihiko
Lebanon Ghada, Salem
Mexico Montano, Juan Ant.
Russia Lavrov, Igor
Serbia Calic, Jelena
Sweden Agrell, Erik
Switzerland Häuselmann, Philipp
Turkey Guner, Noyan
UK Atkinson, Andy
USA Kambesis, Pat
Venezuela Carreño, Rafael

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Cave Survey Data Exchange Format

Chairman: Peter MATTHEWS, Australia


Now hibernating, this Group was working on a standard format for exchanging and archiving data relating to cave surveying and mapping. The format will use XML and associated standards, and the work will be co-ordinated and compatible with that of the UISIC Working Groups for Cave Data Field Definitions and for a general Cave Data Exchange Format. The format (a Markup Language) is called CaveXML. Further information can be found at the format section of the Cave Data Exchange Project page.

After much discussion about the format over the period 2001-2005, and for a while losing our server to a hacker, CaveXML for survey and mapping unfortunately got too hard, interest waned, and the group went into hibernation. If anyone wants to tackle any of the tasks identified, or resurrect and lead the group on this survey and mapping project, they would be very welcome - please email the WG Chairman. The web pages and mailing list archive reflecting the discussion and progress of the Working Group can be found at:

In the meantime, UISIC's more general Cave Data Exchange Format Working Group will be working on CaveXML for exchanging general cave and karst data - everyone is welcome to help! Maybe when this is established, we'll be able to take a fresh look at exchanging cave survey data.

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